Beacons   Vehicle Beacons & lights

CPS is the premier supplier of Beacons and light bars for motor vehicles in Barnsley and surrounding areas Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster. We have a large selection of components at our Barnsley workshop and can supply and fit suitable electrical parts to solve your difficulties.

We offer beacons for situations occurring both on and off the road. These include many options for example, beacons in breakdown circumstances, a variety of mounting options and light intensities appropriate for the conditions. Whatever you need, whether you require any of the various lighting options such as a strobe, rotator, LED, incandescent, flashing rotating, xeon style, work lamp we can supply you with a suitable lighting system.

We also offer a range of light bars including LED, stop tail lights, indicators, recovery rotating lights, halo and xeon to fit all types of vehicle models.