Other Services   Racking, Seats, Roof Bars and More!

Metal racking: We supply a large range of modular shelve systems in various sizes manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel.

Seats: All our seats are M1/NI tested and come in various types and sizes. Small vans with folding bench seats. Panel vans seats available in crew/executive style with low/high back in single, double or treble style. There is an option to match manufacturers trim but covers are also available in plain grey fabric / PVC. The interior of your van can also be carpeted in soft cord to help with sound proofing and heat retention. Installing extra seats enables you to carry passengers safely and legally.

Seat covers: We offer a range of waterproof seat covers in a variety of colours. These are either a universal fit or can be tailored for certain models.

Windows: Fully bonded windows can be supplied for any model of vehicle. These can be arranged via one or two windows to either side in clear/tinted glass fixed or sliding.

Hand wash units: A variety of units for hand washing can be supplied and fitted to your vehicle.

Ventilation: Prevent excessive heat/condensation by ventilating your vehicle. We fit rotary and free flow ventilation systems.

Roof Bars/Racks: We can supply Roof Bars, Roof Racks, Rollers, Side racks, Door ladders.