Ply Lining   Commercial Ply Lining

Ply lining the interior of your van will protect your vehicle. Our ply lining kits conform to all industry standards, are of the highest quality and can be installed at your choice of location.

Kits include:

  • Floor and wheel arch boxes
  • Side and door panels
  • Aluminium trim for load entrance

Polypropylene and Wisadeck are alternatives to plywood. Polypropylene is stronger and more durable than ply is water resistant, does not warp or crack and is easy to clean. Wisadeck is a slip resistant hard wearing material.

Plywood racking: We can manufacture shelves and racking using plywood to fit your requirements. Depending on your specifications.

Did you know

All our Ply Lining is made in house

We Also Provide Professional Fitting

Our quality products can be professionally fitted at our unit in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.